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Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

November 25, 2010

Well with the ball now apparently rolling on this blog with reviews seemingly being added by the day (with an apparently endless and varied amount of material to choose from) I’ve decided to play it a little bit on the safe side for my first review and go with a single song rather than a whole album. Gonna walk before I run OK?

Firstly, just to clear things up a little, I used to believe the age old conviction that the original song is always better than the cover and/or remix. Admittedly there are the odd one or two songs that fundamentally prove the idea correct, namely such classics as Madge’s rendition of American Pie or All Saints (remember them?) delightful version of Under The Bridge.

However over the years I have come to believe that any artist that is worth their salt should be able to produce at least one decent cover or remix, if not to give a bit of an insight into their musical influences then to at least re-introduce people like me to something I had previously swept under the carpet by using a style I could not have ever imagined for such a song or band.

I am, I will admit, no great fan of Metric. After hearing this particular remix I got the album that the original track came (Live It Out) and was utterly disappointed by the mediocre indie-pop-rock-etc that proceeded to batter my eardrums for the better part of 40 minutes -which pretty much sums up one of the biggest reasons I love this mix so much.

In this song, the Canadian Duo have created an anthem that I imagine Metric could not even have dreamt of. It is so mind-bogglingly different from it’s humble origins that had the vocals not been included, I doubt very much the band would have even realised it was their song – but rest assured the core is there. A simple blend of synth replaces the originals squawking vocal and guitar track  to create a gentle opener and what appears at first to be quite a melancholic song. With more than a slight nod to I Fought The War by Bobby Fuller, ironically another example of a song which is far surpassed by others own efforts (See: The Clash), the mix just drops without warning and continues unabated for the rest of the track in a typical dance fasion until the end, when your first instinct should really be to repeat the damn track!

I couldn’t help when writing this critique of metric review, to look at a few comments from Metric fans on the songs iTunes page and was greeted immediately with this:

“Nowhere near as good as the original, but then again, very few things are.”

I could not disagree more, but see for yourselves.

Check out the glorious swan mix on SoundCloud…

…and the ugly duckling original…

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