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Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool

November 28, 2010

Lindstrøm & Christabelle – Real Life Is No Cool [January 2010, Smalltown Supersound]

Lindstrøm & Chrisabelle – Lovesick

This album is a collaboration between acclaimed electronic artist/DJ/ producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm and little known Norwegian vocalist Christabelle, member of a drab trip-hop band by trade, whose sultry yet piercing voice and fantastic vocal range lift this album beyond your regular DJ-meets-female singer collaboration to a notable addition to your record collection.

Lindstrøm has on several occasions teamed up with other artists, either as producer, collaborator, remixer or remixee, to produce moody electronic delights for the masses. One may be forgiven for thinking Lindtstrøm has developed a phobia of working alone, given the number of associated artists to his name, but it has been just 2 years since his critically acclaimed solo album, Where You Go I Go Too. Having said that, this album is undoubtedly a departure from the norm for Hans-Peter, particularly from the dark tones of his solo effort. He is more at home with 8 minute minor-chord electronic epics than the unashamedly cheery and poppy 3 minute major-chord wonders on display in Real Life.

Lindstrøm & Chrisabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (is this just a reworking of Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough? Or a tribute?!)

It would be unfair not to describe this album as sexy, or at least sexual, with the voluptuous vocals and luscious beats setting a real mood, although this is somewhat balanced by the characteristic synthesized, dark and fragmented nature of Lindstrom’s work. The lyrics are erotic, yet often cryptic, but it’s the groove of the album which shines for me – with a beat reminiscent of Jacko’s funkier numbers even verging on Phil Collins territory at times, you’re sure to find yourself bopping along.

So dim the lights, grab a bottle of red, put your best underwear on and let Lindstrom & Christabelle caress your eardrums. Once you get past the weird reverse vocal intro, indulge yourself, you’ll enjoy it. Here’s the undoubtedly erotic video for Lovesick, to get you in the mood 😉

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