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Soft Powers – Bad Pop

November 30, 2010

Soft Powers – Bad Pop EP [August 2010, Self Produced/Released]

Now, before you listen, know that this EP is a lo-fi collection of songs by a humble two-piece dream-pop band led by vocalist/intrumentalist Dylan Anderson, without the might of a studio or label behind them. Soft Powers hail from Atlanta, Georgia (as did Atlas Sound) and have produced a mighty fine lil’ EP in Bad Pop.

Soft Powers – Strawberry Soup

I was trawling through the inter-web’s vast collection of music blogs when I saw a small article on Soft Powers, describing them as “dreamwave meets shoegaze fuzz pop from Atlanta”. Whatever that means, it attracted me enough (or it might have been the fact that it was available for free from their bandcamp site at the time) to give Bad Pop a listen and I’m glad I did. This album flits from fuzzy electronic instrumentals to sigur ros-esque guitar sounds to funky beats with face-pressed-too-close-to-the-microphone vocals throughout, and somehow pulls it all together to sound pretty good.

Soft Powers – Just Like Tropica-L

Bad Pop maintains a flowing rhythym, and one song flows into the next without missing a beat. This fun EP hints at the melodic nature of bandmaster Anderson, and although Bad Pop maybe fairly simplistic lyrically and musically clunky in parts, I think that it is an  original take on the genre, and a nice change of pace from a lot of stuff about at the moment. This band is capable of bigger things if they are given a chance. Hopefully there is a bright future in store for Soft Powers.


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