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BetaTraxx – X EP

March 10, 2011

Ow my head.

The guys over at Music Ninja have once again pulled out a pure gem in this quality and more importantly FREE EP by BetaTraxx.

Not since I first listened to Justice’s debut record in my car with full 6×9 amp setup raging in ears have I been so auditorily abused. I flicked through the tracks very gingerly before deciding to get hold of this EP and that was all it took really. I am a complete sucker for good dance – as my previous posts may have suggested – and this EP is pretty much exactly what I was looking for…without really being aware that I was looking for it.

Those of you amongst us might be aware of the phenomenal dance/electro scene that positively beams like some enormous laser from Paris producing such greats as Daft Punk, Jackson and His Computer Band and Justice. Yet this act actually originate from Los Angeles of all places.

Count me dumbstruck that something that sounds so inherently like other French acts (or at least European) could emanate from the US. From the initial classical onslaught of “Relic” this EP just does not give you a chance to rest. It is quite something. It is so unashamedly electro that I feel that real instruments would have just shied away like shadows from the sun if they came anywhere in contact with these tunes. “Panzer” being a prime example of a club tune so beefed up with cliché and pure electronic substance that most modern dance acts would be wondering why the hell they hadn’t thought of doing it themselves.

Betatraxx is in fact just one man from LA and there isn’t a whole lot more on the guy that I can find online except for a classic one line bio on good old LastFM which isn’t dreadfully insightful:

“Formerly known as Redlight, Betatraxx (real name Tim Nelson) is an American electro artist from California.”

BetaTraxx’s own MySpace page hardly helps matters much for those of us with an inquisitive/curious mind and doesn’t really reveal too much but I do like his opinion on how to approach remixing, stating a rule of thumb that probably many more DJ’s and dance artists could do with following:

“My approach to remixing is to find a song that needs improvement, then improve it in a way that benefits the song / allows me to enjoy it more and dance to it. For this reason there are several songs that I would not remix just because I feel they don’t need to be remixed. Cutting up a song for the sake of putting your name at the end does not benefit someone dancing. This is also why some of my remixes are very different from the original and some are pretty similar. Either way, Enjoy!”

Anyway, this EP is gratifying and satisfying and fully deserves at least one listen even if you don’t like this type of music. Just give it a go. Go on…did I mention it’s free??

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  1. marininha.dias permalink
    March 10, 2011 7:08 pm

    Good stuff! Caught me from the first second of Relic.
    Thanks for sharing!

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