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Death Cab For Cutie – You are a Tourist

March 31, 2011

Death Cab For Cutie recently announced the imminent release of their next album, Codes and Keys, which is out on 31st May 2011. They celebrate this by sharing the first track with us, and I’m glad to see they continue to move forward from where Narrow Stairs left off with a nice guitar lick reminiscent of something from a post-rock experimental band.. but die-hard Death Cab fans will be pleased to hear the lyrical content is still melancholy and emo-tional.

Death Cab For Cutie – You are a Tourist

It’s been 3 years since Death Cab released their last album Narrow Stairs, which did some damage to their image as pioneers of the emo-indie genre they had instated themselves as with their previous releases such as 2001’s The Photo Album, and 2003’s fantastic Transatlantacism. Instead, Narrow Stairs showed the band is capable of being more than that – the first single ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’ saw them delve into progressive rock, with a repetitive bassline leading us through an 8 minute journey, and the album as a whole is a darker yet more powerful LP than their earlier, more fragile releases. I’m slightly fearful that the next album will be a little too much like post-2005-Kings of Leon, but we can cross our fingers and hope not. I am enjoying this single, and look forward to what the album has to offer.

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