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Oregon Bike Trails

April 21, 2011

Get your summer hats on, here’s an artist to compliment the lovely sunshine us Londoners have been privy to over the last few weeks. And it’s another bandcamp artist, no less. Oregon Bike Trails is singer songwriter Zach Yudin, from Santa Monica, California. If Beach Boys/60s nostalgia is not your thing, don’t read on!

Oregon Bike Trials – Swimsuit

There’s just something about music like this that sounds so good in the sun. For example, according to my stats, my Beach Boys listening peaks around May, subsides in the autumn, and has another unexplainable mini-peak around Christmas… sun is to surfer-rock music much as it is to the seaside.. it’s ok without it, but when you have both together, it’s great. It’s true, we all love a good summery tune, and, although it must just be the sun on my brain, I think Zach Yudin has got the mix just about right.

Oregon Bike Trials is currently unsigned but the blogosphere presumes he is in talks with someone about a debut release. There are just a couple of songs on his bandcamp page, my favourites being the humorous ‘Swimsuit’, and “High School Lover”, as well as the new track he’s just released, ‘A Summer Thing’.

I came across this artist because I saw the brilliant mock-up video of “High School Lover” (via a great website, No Modest Bear) featuring footage from the 1988 film “The Wonder Years”. Check it out:

Oregon Bike Trails  – High School Lover

And be sure to check out Oregon Bike Trials on bandcamp!


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