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Glasto’s Hidden Gems: Julie

June 18, 2011

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  1. jouliejools permalink
    June 21, 2011 12:35 pm

    Special highlights on:
    -Cocoon is a refreshing sweet French duet so you must see them, and anyway they are playing at the very beginning of the day so you won’t have anything else to do! I saw them live a ridiculous number of times (something like 8 times) as they used to play a lot in very small venues in my county. They are cool and amusing.
    -Cage the Elephant are coming all the way from Kentucky so be nice and respectful to them and have a listen to their set which I bet will rock!
    -Miles Kane is the member survivor from the Rascals. He has just started his solo carreer after being the co-founder of the Last Shadow Puppets. I reckon he’s probably not going to be that good at Glasto but hey, so far I didn’t get bored of his album.
    -My mum always had a soft spot for Jimmy Cliff that’s why I’m so enthusiastic seeing him live, I think it’s gonna be a Reggae night oh yeah!
    -The Go! Team will be off the hook I’m sure, they always have festal sets!
    – You can’t miss the Kills as their new album is banging, even more powerful than ‘Midnight Boom’! I saw them live once for two songs only though and wow, they were bloody impressive, I hope they will still be as good as in my memory!
    – The Corals are the Corals, no way you don’t see them. I haven’t really listen to their latest album though.

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