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Glasto’s Hidden Gems: Robbie Bizzle

June 18, 2011

With Glasto just round the corner, we thought a little heads up about some of the lesser lights on the line-up list would be very helpful to those still fine-tuning their plans for the festival. So, without further ado…

R-Biz’s Recommendations

Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer

Nicolas Jaar, Saturday, 1.45pm, West Holts Stage

– – – – –

Marcus Bonfanti – Give Me Your Cash

Marcus Bonfanti, Thursday, 4.45pm, Bourbon Street Stage

– – – – –
Summer Camp – Round The Moon
Summer Camp, Friday, 1pm, Oxlyers in West Stage
– – – – –

Emmy the Great – We Almost Had a Baby
Emmy The Great, Friday, 2pm, Oxlyers in West Stage
– – – – –

Omar Souleyman – Leh Jani
Omar Souleyman, Saturday, 4.45pm, West Holts Stage
– – – – –

Sheelanagig, Thursday, 7pm, Club Dada Stage

– – – – –

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