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Glasto’s Hidden Gems: J-Diz

June 21, 2011

I’ve been pretty busy lately, as you might have noticed with the lack of TWLT postage, but I have finally come into a tiny bit of the stuff and have tried to hobble together a last minute list of artists you might not know that might be good. I say might be good because a lot of these artists I am excited about without actually knowing that much about them or hearing more than a couple of songs by them. Ah well – enjoy nonetheless!


Throwbacks to the golden age of rock and roll, with a very rockabilly look. My head says that these guys are nothing special, just a straight ahead rock band with nothing new to give. My heart on the other hand is hankering for a great rock band to fall in love with. Either way, I reckon they will give a really solid set at Glasto.


A UK Beatbox legend, I’m not sure he is a hidden gem at all. Still, I’m sure there are enough of you out there unacquainted with the man.

Miles Kane

Paul McCartney lookalike who also sounds a fair bit like the Beatles. Catchy stuff. You might know him from that Arctic Monkeys spin off whatchmacallit The Last of the Shadow Puppets. Not sure I’ll be listening to him too far into the future, but I think he’ll go down well.


What a great debut album these boys (and girl) had. Shame about Red – maybe I should give it a second chance but I didn’t get on with it at all first time round. Anyway, I listened to ‘Made Up Love Song’ 43. earlier, and it’s got me in the mood to give them another try with their new album. After an initial listen of the title track ‘Walk the River’ it seems like they are back on form. Wu-Tang clash makes this one a tough choice, but I think I’ve just convinced myself to go see Guillemots.

Oh Land

As far as female pop stars go, I think this lass has it all: an interesting, unique voice, quirky sense of humour, fresh sounding and great looking. What else could you ask for? Big things must be round the corner for her.


I don’t know much about these UK producers, but I do know that their latest album ‘Join the Dots’ is really good. I can see their set being amazing if the weather is good.

Asian Dub Foundation

I have heard some very good things about these boys live. Can’t wait to see what the fuss is about – their albums are OK, but I can tell that they would be better served by a high intensity set.


‘Get Away’ is a big tune. The other songs I’ve heard haven’t grabbed me in nearly the same way, but the one song is enough to get me to go see them. Promising.

Patrick Wolf

This guy reminds me of David Bowie. It’s probably just the video. He’s been around for a while apparently, thought I’ve only just cottoned on. Could be a very interesting set.


Feature man extraordinaire, Labrinth has lent his vocal talents to Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah lately, and with Simon Cowell behind him (?!) it looks like this young man is going places. He seems lovely actually, so good luck to him, and from what I can tell he’s got talent. Well, if he’s good enough for Simon…

Professor Green

I’ve really been digging his album lately. I’m pretty sure he’s huge in certain circles, but nobody I know is talking about him.

Tame Impala

These Aussies know a thing or two about making summer psychedelica – should suit Glasto down to the muddy ground.

Cold War Kids

I am shamefully ill informed about this band. As far as I can tell they are really good, but I have never listened to their albums properly.

Crystal Fighters

I have seen these guys live, and they are mental live. Crazy amounts of noise and energy. Their stupid hippy back-story is perfect for Glasto. Don’t worry if you aren’t too impressed by their recorded material – I’m not either. Live, they are a different animal. Make sure you are ready to dance like a nutter if you watch them.


I think a lot of people know this band due to a certain car advert, but I think most people don’t realise just how good they are. Their album was surprisingly good, and I’m looking forward to seeing how good they are live.

Egyptian Hip Hop

Annoyingly young, annoyingly dressed, annoyingly exaggerated vocals that remind me of a certain Robert Smith. But still, they have some sweet feel-good grooves to their name already, so they obviously have some talent.

The Bees

Inexplicably low-key, The Bees have been around for a long while now and have made a number of very decent albums. Should be a good set by these bluesy Isle of Whitians. Or whatever you call people from The Isle of Wight.

DJ Fresh

I’m not one for DJ’s to be honest. Especially ones with DJ in their name. I’ll make an exception for this guy though – I’ve only listened to his album a few times, but it seems decent, and his song ‘Louder’ which is on that awesome new Lucozade advert is one hell of a tune.

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